you guys are getting better at being

you guys are getting better at being more agressive but you need to cus more.for the dumasses who dont understand wat cus is its PROFANITY.but some of these sick mother f****** like that lady who f***** her dog and the guy who gave his dog a b****** you sick shitheads are gunna f****** get runover hit by a bus struck by lightning it dont matter just as long as you sick f**** get whats comin like a bus or car just aslong your ded b******
***be real b*********

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  • I have a feeling that you are a 12 year old boy who would get the s*** beat out of him for cussing. You can totally tell by the way you type. You just say any cuss word you can think of. I used to write cuss words for the thrill when I was your age!

  • only person on here that comments on their own post!

  • & learn how to speak english you f**.

  • Ok, I will and I make sure ur dad puts him c** on it

  • Why don't you shut the f*** up and go make me a sandwich

  • Yall sick f****!!! ***be real b********* has his own opinions and so do you f*** wits!!! So if yall don't like it get the f*** of this mother fukin site!

  • i swear to god im guna f****** find yo m************ ass WHOOOP yo m************ ass beat the s*** out of you stick your f****** head up hitlers dead ass and make him s*** on you b****
    ***be real b*********

  • you are a f****** n***** f*****!!!

  • yes

  • Omg, shut the f*** up you f****** mother f****** c****, leave ***be real b********* the f*** alone, geez, nobody cares about what you other fuckwits have to f***** say, so mother f******, is that enough cusing??

  • WOW...YOU are stupid!

  • wow.... people are stupid "***be real b*********"

  • the first commentor is a c********* or she likes bush,or HES gay
    ***be real b*********

  • f*** all you i dont give a s*** wat yo fatasses think all i know is that i go home to get p**** unlike you f***
    ***be real b*********

  • I would just be happy if you learned how to spell. But hey lets not be mean to this guy. He's good entertainment.

  • You need to get off the computer and go do something outside, loser.

    I dunno, go j*** off or something. Your retarded, annoying, shrink-d*** steroid "aggressive" ass is not wanted around here.

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