I think there should be more bullying in schools not less. i'm so sick of all these whining b******* b****** who complain all the time. them b****** need to get bullied and beat and then skullfucked and it need to happen every f****** day. i been bullying them assbabies my whole life and i want more people to start doing that too. such b******.



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  • I think you should kill yourself. The world would be way better. We get enough of your kind coming in from outside the schools to shoot them up that we dont beed bullied kids shooting up from the inside, you trumpist.

  • Imagine being the parent of this monkey... Oh wait.... πŸ˜‚

  • Hey r*****. Please exercise some basic literacy and write a cogent sentence. Loser

  • Although I agree with your general sentiment, I would caution again using one adjective so often as to dullen your speech or god-forbid, make you sound stupid

  • Nah, it doesn't need to overuse certain words to sound stupid.

  • Here we go 'gain, are u going to go apeshit on everyone who calls u out again


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