Too stressed

I am mom to two ids one with severe autism and the other became sick. The stress of caring for them and working with no help or support has taken its toll. I have tried to ask for help from fam friends and govt. Nothing. I am getitng to a point i may just walk away from it all. One is 29 and i just cannot do it alone. If i am gone the state will be forced to step in. I have tried changing jobs not workng no welfare in this state. working pt churches you name it. nada. all i can ask is pray for a miralce of help for us. i cannot do it alone. Maybe with enough prayers and good vibes things will get better.

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  • #1: Never forget you CHOSE this path by choosing children. Before you had unprotected s** and got preggo you didn't think about the fact that the resulting child might have special needs, and thus cost you all your money and sanity. Everything that happens to you is something you chose. Breeding is an option and people do not owe you money for your mistake. #2: For f***'s sake don't rely on prayers. At least follow the advice of the other people who commented on this post. Praying is an empty action and solves nothing whatsoever except, possibly, helping your mental state, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

  • Where are you located? Your older son with autism should be eligible for disability. Research online for this. And he also may be eligible to be placed in a group home or day program. That is just one idea. For work, maybe there is some sort of telecommuting job you can get where you can work from home. There are reputable websites that post those types of jobs. Worth a look. Sending good vibes.

  • Here's a web site to see if your son is eligible.
    May have some links to group homes for your son.

  • ^Excellent answer^. Please do as the commenter recommends and please try to hang in. You're doing God's work, and though it may seem to go unnoticed here on earth, it isn't going unnoticed above.

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please, please talk with a social worker who can get you connected to government services and get you some help before you explode. Or implode. You are an amazing woman to have managed a very difficult situation for a very long time, but there's no shame in seeking and accepting help. Please find help and take advantage of it.

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