My Secret luv

I have a secret luv.... The sad part is I can't do nothing about it.I love her smile,her touch ,her laughter.She can light up a whole room with her beauty something she don't BELIEVE in that I try to get her to understand. I love the time we share its ALWAYS something exciting every time we together no matter if it's out n about or just laying around as long as we are together to me it's all that matters. There are things I want to do more of and show but it ** because we both know it can't be. I truly stand by that everything happens for a reason. What that reason is I don't know but all I can do is go day by day to see where it leads us. One thing she will always be my secret love no matter what happens. I'll always be there for her regardless. Ill always remember our time together and hold it close to my heart. When I think about not having her the way I want brakes my heart cuz all I want to do is be that one she needs. So when I lay next to u and tears run down my face that's cuz I don't wanna let you go but yes we both no it could never be.... If it could I would make u mine and show u how life should be living happily but since that's not an opinion..... My Secret love is what u will always remain.... Te Amo." OK! This ** is so random and when I'm with you it's like a heart beats are in tandem and when our lips lock I just wanna hold ur face for ransom your beautiful and I'm handsome it's crazy , no titles,but your my baby when I'm idle,that's your time show time,and for you I wish I had more time red wine,chocolate baby you could be my Valentine more than just ** exchanged you will always be my BOO THANG"

May 26, 2014

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  • The good news is that if "You CAN't do NOTHING about it", you can do something about it. You answered your own question, with your double negative.

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