For crying out f***ing loud. -It

For crying out f***ing loud.

-It says it right there in the first amendment, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." So what if homosexuality is biblically wrong? It's not our place to legally condemn homosexuals by removing their right to vote.

-If pro-choice women believe they are able to choose to take a life, then they are able to choose NOT to create it in the first place.

Other than this, I'm politically apathetic. Who wants to give up their lifestyle in the free world, get their hands dirty, and help the poor, naked and hungry with me?

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  • I totally agree about gay rights. However, I think it is a woman's choice to terminate a pregnancy if she so chooses. I understand the point of it being a life she would be taking, but soemtimes those little souls are better off. There are a lot of women who SHOULD HAVE gotten abortions. A woman who is not ready for children should not be raising one, because chances are, the kid is going to be messed up! Women who do not want their children should not be forced to have them, the unwanted babies would not be rasied right, they would probably end up contributing to the fall of our society. And as for adoption, I do believe this is a better option, but it can be very hard to carry a bay for 9 months, give birth, and then give your baby away. Besides then the kid will grow up thinking, why didn't my mom want me? There is a reason the term is called pro-choice, because I am not advocating abortion, I am advocating a woman's right to choose to do what ever with her body, it IS her body, remember? Oh, and I just want to say soemthing to all you pro-life a*******: IF YOU THINK IT WRONG TO HAVE AN ABORTION, DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!!!! But, also, do not try to tell me that I cannot if I want to, let me burn in h*** with the rest of the sinners, and you, worry about your OWN F****** SHORTCOMMINGS!

  • Also: "right to vote"? wtf? Make that "right to marry."


  • I was talking about women who wanted to terminate a perfectly normal pregnancy, i.e. not by rape and with no complications, just not wanting to have a child. I'm sorry, I should have made that more clear.


  • Its hard to change a historical precedent.

    Even though I have children now, I still believe that a woman should be able to protect her health against preventable complications. Sexual education would be the best prevention method so there isn't a choice that has to be made.

    Karma will reward you for your efforts.

  • i agree about the homosexual stuff.

  • f*** off
    some people have been raped

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