Exposing myself to woman i know

I always show my naked body to my female friends its such a turn on and my d*** gets so hard. my friend and his wife recently got divorced and still keep in touch with her shes from mylasia and believes everything people tell her. the last couple times i knew she was coming to my house i would do something where i knew she would see me naked but would pretend it was an accident the first time i pretend to be in the shower and came out naked and said i didnt here her come in the house and i acted like i was embarrased then i put a random d*** pic in with a bunch of photos from my vacation and swiped to it and again said it was an accident. I also send get naked and send nude pics to my ex girlfriends sister i talk to her often and send her pics often i also just get naked in front of her and say lets go streaking even tho im the only one that ever gets naked. there are other stories i will post later with other female friends of mine

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