I have a bad habit of not tying the draw strings on my bathing trunks. I was at our pool with my girl friends usual female friends having a BBQ. Honey would you take this hamburger and drink over to my friends. I did and she yanked my swim suite down right in front of them. Ended up stark naked with a plate and drink in my hands, my swim suite down by my ankles in front of a bunch of wide eyed female say "nice d***" I wanted the hearth to swallow me and couldn't believe my own girl friends had done it. My face must have looked like stop light, putting down that plate and drink on their table and reaching down to pull my trunks back up. Felt like an idiot having to laugh at my own shameful moment trying to play it down. Spent a very embarrassing afternoon and later my girl friend had the nerve to ask me if it sexually turned me on. I always knew she had this fetish about getting caught naked by strangers and she finally pulled it off on me.

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  • Well, I see a few possibilities here. 1) she does have a fetish which she pulled you into. 2) she wanted to show off your size to friends (not exactly fair when you're relaxed and there is water involved). 3) she's a dominating b**** that has no respect for you and you should tell her to take a hike.

    Decide for yourself but it seems to me that unless you're an abnormal "shower" and not embarrassed by the circumstance, I'd leave her because of her absolute disrespect for you. That said. I did see one chick do this to another chick in college.

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