My wife has filed for divorce. She wants the divorce because I have lied to her and cheated on her in the past. I am finally trying to change for her after all the pain I have cause her but it may be too late. I am going to be honest with here about everything no matter how embarrassing it is. She found a pair of here panties in the laundry that had been stretched out and I took a minute but I finally told here that I used them to m********* and wore them. I confessed to here that I like to wear women's panties from time to time and that the few pairs she has found over the years I had bought to wear and m********* in. I also confessed that I have secretly wanted here to f*** my with a strap on. I let here know how h**** I was talking about this. We ended up having s** after she repeatedly told me no. I just wanted to make here c** bye fingering here then I stripped here bottoms and ate her out. She rolled over to m********* and I liked her a****** for the first time, another confession I told here today. While she was masturbating I grabbed a condom and proceeded to have s** with her. I wanted to take here doggy style but she asked me to j*** off on here instead. I started to and asked her to finger my ass while I masturbated. She did and I cam so hard I shot my load about three feet and missed here completely but hit the pillow. I know my marriage is over but I am going to try and fix what I have done.

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  • I actually am starting to hope my cousins die. its awful I feel that way about the olds and the younger ones now but I hate them all. I hate my brothers dirty kids and she should told to step aside for me given that I am older and deserve more then her. she is young she can wait as long as they made me wait!

  • Grammar you illiterate d***

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