Closeted bi husband

My wife thinks the gym classes and massages I attend have been the total reason for my vastly improved physique. Yes I do work out at the gym, but only for half an hour to an hour at a time. What she doesn't know is, I also workout during my lunch hour at work, as there is a gym there too.
Most of my time at the evenings gym isn't spent and hasn't been spent for the past four months working out, it's enjoying one of the trainers c**** f****** me in his private office, or ocassionally at his home when his wife is out.
His c*** isn't the only c*** to have plowed my a****** since I discovered my love of gay a*** s**. I have had a senior department head at work from a different state, who was visiting, f*** me in the changing area. It was a one off, so far, but he will be returning very soon and has already alluded to the fact he'd like to see if my physique has improved, mainly I presume my tight pert a******.
Finding out just how much I now adore being f***** has been a sexual revelation to me, and one with the promotion I've just had, I will be taking complete advantage of in the years to come.

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  • Amen brother
    I to been working out and my personal trainer took hold of my abdomen last month but his hands slipped and it landed right on my c*** and I didn't say anything but looked at him and a smile came to my lips and we continued on till it was time for me to shower before going home and he asked me to help with setting up a new machine and I said I would and he asked if I could postpone the shower and I did and I slipped my shorts back on still wet and I forgot about white getting wet go9es to see thru and while I was holding different parts for him to bolt together he began touching me in different parts of my body and I didn't do anything
    and his little touched became longer and longer till he started rubbing my ass and touching my ass hole and I admit it was feeling good to me. Before I knew it he had pulled my shorts off and he began to caress my body paying particular attention to my ass and nipples.
    My ass isn't a cherry for I lost that when I was 13 and here I am 38 and my personal trainer thinks he's gonna get my ass yea he is and I didn't even see his slip out of his shorts and he beguines rubbing the head of his c*** against my ass hole and he got some pre c** and lubed my ass good an wet and it wasn't long till he was giving me good f****** till he shot his load deep into me kissing my neck asking me about later. Told him I got to get home to the wife and he started in f****** me all over again for the what seemed the longest time. Thank god it was dinner time and the gym is close from 5 to 7 and it was during this time that he gave me a good hour and a half f****** and I am looking forward to it tomorrow.
    Got home kissed the wife and she noticed I still had a h****** and I told her what happened and now she wants to watch.

  • I sure want to get f***** in the ass

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