Six words

I'm a secretly bi sexual married man. One who until recently had only sucked off two men in his life.
At a private mens squash club I was a guest at, I was about to take a shower after playing for another club. In the showers was an older man who was obviously masturbating. His c*** was extremely thick and veiny and only saying two words, he had me for the first time since I got married three years before, on my knees taking his wonderfully meaty c*** into my mouth. He simply said after watching me stare at his long soaking wet c*** "Suck it". Only another member of my team about to enter the shower area, stopped me from finishing what was for me, a sexually ground breaking awsome b*******.
Walking us both through to the changing area he lead me into his changing cubicle, pushing me down I began where I'd left off. But if I thought I was going to be allowed to finish him off with my mouth as his c*** became fully and pulsatingly erect, I was mistaken. Standing me up and turning me around, I felt rather than saw him push his still wet c*** upto my ass opening. Not stopping at all, he pushed forwards and sureally for me, my a****** accepted his c*** relatively easilly first time. I was being f***** by a total stranger, and quite frankly I was loving every minute of it.
Hearing my team mate walk past didn't even stop us, although I knew he'd know it was me being f***** from the noises we were making. Five or so wonderful minutes of feeling this mans c*** deep inside my a****** later, I was c****** all over the floor of the changing area, and a couple more thrusts up my ever inviting a******, he was e********** up me.
Stepping out like a loved up teenager, I turned to hear him say "Same time next week".
And in those six words spoken to me that day, my sexual world had opened up literally.

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  • Boy this sure reminds me of myself except I play racket ball
    to date I have been service by 11 different guys different times of the day for on the week end I hang out at the club all day and each guy takes me in the ass.
    Today tho I was being f***** by Jeffery who stands a good foot taller than I do black with a 13 inch thick c*** and two more caught us and they both took my ass one behind the other and no one had condoms so I got their c** deep into me
    and I was told by them same time tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to meeting them for I am going to see if they will come home with me.

  • I want this sort of experience so badly. Where are you guys from? I want to feel a mans c*** explode deep inside me!

  • Feels so good having another mans hard c*** deep in you, especially when they c** in you. I have had this same thing done to me several times and loved every minute of it.

  • This is my ultimate fantasy. I hope it's true!

  • This is like my ultimate fantasy. I hope it's true

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