i have known about this site for about

i have known about this site for about two or three months now and i have made a few confessions,but i justed wanted to say when i joined this site it was fairly nice and people were being real but now it has all changed around and now everyone acts like mean weiners.

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  • I agree. . .It says right there to have some consideration for the confessee when making your comments! A*******!!

  • come on if you think about it all i ever did was come on this site to make fun of people and sign my signature, i never asked anyone for attention you f****** dumasses fell for my comments,if you really want me to stop and leave why do u all comment back on my comments???it only postpones my retirement to this site and you can all thank that lady who f***** her dog for getting me on here,my friend told me about this site to rag on that b**** and look what my visit turned into, all you have to do to get me to leave is to shut the f*** up ,you dumasses,but you know like you people said im just a dumass so i wont be able to understand your resond comments and to the sicology major i know that you are going to say something about me saying shut the f*** up,like im getting annoyed or something and come on i am getting aliitle annoyed because i only want to rag on people not have to talk to retards like you, and now you are guna say something about me getting annoyed,but now that i said that you arent and you are guna find something else to say about this comment or something about bonnie,so please man just dont say anything becasue i know what ur guna say so there is no point in saying it, like something stupid about manboobs, coke,or doritos it doesnt really matter because i go home to get p**** and i have a good job with a family so i dont need a f***** like you telling me what i know ur guna say.you are going to tell me that you have a better life then me and describe it and im guna cus u out and we are guna go on for months so im asking please shutup cus we think alike we know what the other is guna say and i know now your guna make fun of this hole thing so lets hear the bs...

  • Why don't you both shut up and find some other site to be stupid on? I know what you're trying to do, and I know your trying to help out, but its just stupid to argue with little retards like that, they just want attention is all.

  • lmao those responses are getting quicker now, who's stalking who? You've started to specifically hunt down my responses, I'm flattered, but I'm straight and everything, like I said, you're getting mad and your insults are getting lamer(if possible) when someone attacks you like you do them, lol have fun!

  • wow now i confirmed that you are going insane, and im just saying ,stalking is a crime,even for a fat f** dorito dropping coke drinking manboobed h*** lik u,im just saying...

  • Please you gotta give ***Bitchass & C************ some credit, he's spelling better now, and probably finding better uses for his floppy manboobs, I'm so sick of everyone making fun of ***Bitchass & C************ He just spilled his Doritos bag again and all he has to eat are Fritos, Don't let these people bother you ***Bitchass & C************ you can buy your daddy another bottle of liquor, and ask him to tell another story of how him and his sister OH I'm sorry, I mean your mother made you in the welfare houses, So yeah, everyone leave ***Bitchass & C************ alone!

  • at least I am not the one sucking a horses c*** you B****

  • you should learn how rag on peole cuz u suck

  • B&C has a horse d*** in his ass, please forgive him.


  • go f*** yourselfs you f****** f*** and what do you mean, i am very nice to you guys

  • you are right! i feel that same way seems like some people took this site as their own and comment stupid and mean things when i first got here it feel good to confess something and get good advise from real good people even when they dont know u.I especialy dont like that no brain guy***be rael b*********a****** he should not be here!

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