Reputations are fragile...

I am a twelve year old middle school student that has antisocial personality disorder along with DID, schizophrenia, depression, and paranoia-In short, a messed up, sociopathic nutcase that belongs in a mental hospital.
A girl named Sarah in my school is also a sociopath, but not as high-functioning as I am. She is extremely "kind" and "sweet" to all of the adults, but a complete and utter monster (to put it VERY mildly) to the students. You know the type...
Fast-forward about five months into the school year; we share the same lunch. One day, I walk up to speak with my friends, and she's there. I met her before, and I did not like or trust her whatsoever. So, I was very respectful to her, and her friends. But then I realized that her group was making fun of a girl that I knew, and liked as a friend. Come to find out, she was working as the middleman in spreading rumors about her, and many others. So, since I wanted to know what they were saying about her, (as I am very protective) I walked over to the side of their little gossip group to find out what they were saying about her so that the rumors would no longer be circulating behind her back.
At that moment, the ring leader, Sarah said to me, "Can we help you?"
I replied, "Nope, just admiring the beautiful weather we've been having."
After lunch, I noticed them following behind me, and think nothing of it. But when I got to my locker, Sarah and her whole group were following behind me.
"Just admiring the weather," she mocked.
I didn't like that. I had my heart set on revenge at that very moment, and I never went back.
Now, I have set up an email account to imitate her by sending rude emails to other students, in her name; and might I add, it's working perfectly, no one has doubted it except for one person. I have also, now gained control of a student, in her name. That student will gather information on other students I want revenge on, so I can imitate them. In the process, this stirs up more information about Sarah, so I can imitate her more precisely, to give her a taste of her own medicine. Rumors are circulating... Behind her back-Poetic justice at its best.


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  • 12 year olds don't write like this especially on websites like this.....

  • I think the only thing you're suffering from is having an imaginary life.

  • Yeah, I know. But there are some real parts too.

  • But you know what, I like acting.

  • You misspelled "lying", dumb little b.itch

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