Masturbation at work

I am a 25 year old straight woman.

Sometimes I get really h**** at work and squeeze my legs together at my desk and pinch my nipple to turn myself on more. I even watch p*** on my phone sometimes while sitting at my desk, just to get myself wet enough to slide my hand in my pants and play with my c***. I then go into the washroom, even when people are in there and play with myself until I c**, then walk out like nothing happened. I often imagine a female coworker touching me and licking my p****. I've always had a lesbian fantasy in a work setting. I also think about being f***** by two men at the same time in an office while trying to keep quiet so we don't get caught. I want to feet two c**** deep inside me or maybe even 3 so I can have one in my mouth. I think I have a problem..

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  • I m********* in the bathroom at work too

  • I am also straight & i think about being with another girl

  • I am so loud when I masterbrate, do not think I can do it there

  • Email me and we can meet up and eat each other's p******

  • Do you want to email me? We can maybe meet up without anyone finding out. I am not single but I want to lick p**** and have my p**** licked by a woman so bad. Let me know...

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