B&C is into S&M. He is a dickless piece

B&C is into S&M. He is a dickless piece of utter s***! I am pretty sure he has no job, no self worth and nothing better to do with himself than beat off and run around the web harrassing people. He has no value in life, constantly trying to figure himself out but probably never will amount to anything. Perhaps he's real good a picking his nose and spanking his monkey??? Perhaps the little worthless piece of s*** should do the world a huge favor and commit suicide. No life that can throw around the insignificant, worthless, thoughtless, meaningless and baseless comments is worth walking this planet. Do us a favor, B&C, or BE REAL B****** or whatever your insignificant name is,,,,,,, walk in front of a bus on the expressway, you D***!! The world is a better place without you A******!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Dear confessor, this is bonnie (***bonnie&clyde***) I just wanted to know, how can u say something so horrible to someone, nobody deserves to die, except for those who tell others to, ***bonnie&clyde***

  • just because your a little p**** and you cant handle my comments doesnt mean u have to say all this s*** to hide your chronic masturbating to gay p*** and horse f******

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