I enjoyed being CUCKOLDED

I got married some time ago to a very nice, very cute Japanese-American girl. We moved away out of state for me to go to grad school right after the wedding.
Shortly after we were married I had a visit from my best friend, who was the best man at my wedding.

I was surprised to find my new wife got turned on knowing he was hearing our s**…she was even louder in o****** than usual. Then I noticed that after s** she would go to the bathroom or kitchen, and always leave our door open, and often wanted s** again. Needless to say my best friend would see in sometimes, and, to keep a long story short, started to come in to watch, and then to sit beside and fondle my wife during our s**. By the then my wife was totally open, naked, s******* on top of the covers, getting on top of me, etc, obviously turned on by his being there. This surprised me because we had always hidden from everyone that I was s******* her before our marriage; everyone assumed she was still a virgin even just a few weeks ago when we got married.

After a few days, he would be naked also, and she would stroke his c*** while I screwed her, and then finally once when she was on her knees and I was behind, she pulled him to her and sucked his c***. Then when I had finished s******* her, she lay down on the bed on her back, spread her legs wide, and he just got on and started s******* her, like it was no big deal. He wound up literally pounding her over and over that night, so hard I could not believe she liked it, but she had loud, vigorous o******, much more so that she had ever had with me.

SO that stated the thing that when ever he visited us, or my wife went home to visit her parents, they had a lot of s**. For a while when he came to where we lived, it was always a "threesome". But after a couple years my wife simply said no, she preferred to just be in the bedroom with him when he was s******* her. I wound up being the one that slept on they sofa the whole time whenever he visited, and he got the bed and he got my wife.

Only once in a while would they say it was OK to stay and watch, but usually not until after the o*****. Then I would go in and it just seemed natural that I would lick her p**** clean. Then I'd go back to the sofa to sleep, unless called in to do another p**** clean up. Finally after about three years, one evening he came up to me as I was watching TV and said he wanted to go into the other room and s**** my wife but he did not have a h******. So after that it was also always expected I would suck him up to s**** my wife if he needed it, usually just maybe after they had screwed several times already.

To be honest I learned to enjoy hearing him s******* her, listening to her happy and loud o******, (much more than I ever gave her), sometimes being able to watch him s**** her, usually not, but always licking her clean and sometimes sucking his b**** up. My wife is very quiet and sweet, and never uses a curse word…I never heard my wife say the word F***…well except for thousands of times hearing her yelling F*** ME ...F*** ME… F*** ME and F*** ME HARDER, etc whenever he visited.

After 5 -6 years he would call on the phone to say when he was coming to visit, and he would discuss with my wife that she was to tell me I could have no more s** with her at all until he had come to visit, screwed her many many times while there, then after he left, she could tell me it was OK when she wanted to allow me to have s** with here again. Eventually it came to be I would be cut off for like a month before he visited.

Sadly he died after about 15 years of this, quite young of cancer. I realize he actually had more screwings with her than I did in that time, given how many times they screwed when he was there, and given my "no-s**" time before he came. I know totally for sure she never had anywhere near as much fun having s** with me as she did with him, her o****** were always fantastic with him. I still miss him as a great friend, and frankly so miss his f****** my wife like that.


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  • Sorry about the death.I wanna be your wife's new f*****

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