Both me and my wife are serial Cheaters

Both myself and my wife are serial cheaters, but until I ran across the name you guys posted here, I never gave it anything thought at all .

Cheating is extremely easy in today's society , men have little feelings except for their immediate family and children . Women are equally bad and have s** numerous times before marriage or before they finish school . for sure they are well experienced in s** .

Neither my wife nor myself had cheated in our first 10 years of marriage . My wife resented me making the money , I had an excellent job and she has never had to work . But I had to balance my check book and live within my means . After about 10 years of marriage I discovered my wife had ran up a credit card debt of over 30,000 dollars . And I had to pay it all back .

I took all forms of money away from her except our check book . I worked hard for 5 years clearing my name and paying back all those credit card people . I had an affair in my depression and told her . but I also wanted to end the affair . Then i found out she was having an affair also . She hated my control over her life . I decided to have an open marriage and give her pure freedom to spend money and to have affairs . I have not had s** with my wife in over 10 years now , she does not want to have s** with me , even though I am a very handsome health man , and she is equally beautiful and sexy . I go through women easily , so many give up s** like it is nothing special . Women of today do not care . Men are the same way .

She lets me know whom she is seeing and how great he is in bed , and I dare not say anything to her . A divorce is expensive and horrible . We do not fight , we sleep in the same room together and see each other naked all the time . Just no s** . I would love to end this insanity , but she is bi-polar and for sure will not stop spending money and having s** with other men . It has no real meaning any more . I am raising my children , we have 3 kids , and putting them through college . If she decides to end her s******* around I will also . She fights back with a vengeance .

We do not cheat in front of the children or each other , she simply stays gone for long periods of time with her various lovers , women have no problem s******* any man they like , most of the guys she does they are married men . She does not care . Myself I have much less time than her , and young women begging for s** is on every street corner and bar . We have a family atmosphere, just not in the bed room . So it is an open marriage . I regret starting this entire thing, it is all my fault and I agree with anyone who says I am all wrong . You can not control a Bi-polar person whom is over sexed .

Oct 1, 2013

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  • My ex wife and I had an unspoken, but, understood thing like this. Only her cheating wasn't with other men..It was with her one true love, and what prompted my divorce filing...Booze. She'd go off on hours and, sometimes, days-long drink fests, and, I admit..I filled the void by finding mostly younger, willing, and available women who just wanted s** with no attachment.

    At one time, I f***** two hostess girls from (a national chain steakhouse) near our house, literally picking one up from work when my then-wife's car was in the parking lot. The girl confirmed, she (ex wife) had been there most of the day, and mentioned going somewhere after, so, knew my house would be free. The girls there felt bad for me having to deal with the whole thing, so, yeah..Maybe sometimes I did get sympathy s**..But still counts!

    Ran into another woman I'd been, and got an earful of stories about ex wife's drinking binges. The woman told me word got around that I was basically single, and, since they liked me much more than her, wanted to sink their mark into me before the inevitable end of my marriage.

    I'll admit..I f***** a woman two days before my ex wife moved out, figuring it's not cheating...She's leaving anyway.

  • You don't have a have an arrangement that she is clearly getting the better end of. Good luck man.

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