Cuckold sissy husband

My wife makes me where a diaper and plastic bib with sissy cuckold husband written on it then takes me to night club where I watch her pick up a guy to f*** we then go home and I watch them have s** whilst she commands me to wee wee from my tiny little Willie in my diaper until it sags between my legs sucking on her moist dripping p**** and sucking on his d*** until he c*** in her p**** and then im commanded to lick his c** from inside her p**** and lick clean his wet c*** then as a reward my wife makes me lie down and undos my diaper and jerks me off until I c** and makes eat it all up

Aug 5, 2014

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  • How’s it going now your wife can’t take you to night clubs , with lockdown?

  • Are you still together? And are things still the same?

  • Your wife no longer sees you as a man. She has assumed a new role as your mother and has taken responsibility for you as a child. It is up to you to embrace your place a child and show her and man the obedient respect they both deserve as adult couple.

  • That's very true. I agreed with my wife to move in her boyfriend .he sleeps as he should in their master bedroom I moved in to a spare bedroom . I agreed that they will keep me in diapers and dresses. His friends have visited us with me in a playpen in diapers. The comments were not all flattering. But I never talked. I just used my passifer. And when I soaked my diaper in front of them my wife just changed me there in front of them watching. Believe it or not I wasn't at all humiliated.

  • She is a good wife! all hubby needs to be in diapers !

  • Nobody makes you do anything.

  • This is really sad you need to take control of this situation

  • Wow so you're her b****..... I so want to f*** a couple like you all.... I'd so take it forward and beyond what your wife does...

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