It matters less every day that passes

I've been married more than 25 yrs.
I used to want a romantic life.
I used to wonder about real love, the mature kind where you want to be with someone.
Not just take them for granted. My hubby takes me for granted everyday. I have wanted out of this relationship since the beginning. He doesn't know be at all. He says things that don't describe me or what I'm about. He insults me daily and has very little compassion for humanity.
He thinks he's perfect bc he cooks and cleans.
I used to want love. Now I just want out of this situation and to be who I am. I want nothing else. I don't want riches, I no longer care about beauty or love. I just want out.

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  • Love is **. Relationships are work. Getting out is doable, though. It's called divorce. Go find what makes you happy and stop looking for it in others.

  • If you have wanted to leave since basically the beginning why would you give 25 years of your life? I hope it wasn't the kids, kids don't want to live in an unhappy home. Kids don't want to know Mommie was living a lie my whole childhood...

  • Don't stop caring about love, or looking for it. Go out and find love, get as much as you can possibly take, and THEN decide whether or not to leave. It's conceivable that you could have both.

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