Sucking My Thumb

Is it normal for a 50 year old woman to suck her thumb ?
I hide it so no one see me .

Aug 10, 2014


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  • Totally normal and quite common. See www dot thumbsucking adults dot com .
    I do too actually and LOVE it when I've dated another woman tser. I'd estimate it's about 3-7% of adults do it still, thankfully.

  • It's either a nervous thing, or, just something you like doing. My hot older sister has very long (usually 2" or close to it) nails that are always polished, and, has a habit of touching them to her lips and tongue. It's a very sexy, oral fixation.

  • Honey I will give you something to suck on !

  • Stop sucking your thumb youll get a Severe infection Trust me i used to bite my nails till i developed an infection i dont do that anymore, so bottom line Stop sucking your thumb

  • Trust me if I could just stop I would of many years ago but I can't and if I try to stop the urge is stronger and stronger .
    I also tend to pull my hair as well .

  • Thumbsucking is a habit. Is it normal? Who's to say. Everyone has one or more habits..maybe you're asking if it's socially acceptable? Thumb sucking is probably one of those habits that most people see as something babies do to comfort themselves or while their teething. That you grow out of it. Maybe it's security for you. And the hair pulling..Trichotillomania? Or is less than that? That could be a stress/anxiety. Maybe the question is do you really want to stop? If you wanted to lose weight..really wanted to lose weight, you would cut back on calories and exercise and do what is needed to succeed. Will you become uncomfortable? Sure. Will it be hard, most likely. Would getting of heroin be a hard addiction to break? Quitting smoking? Not that I know, but I'm guessing yes. Because even though you're not popping pills or drinking (hopefully you're not), it's still a form of addiction. You are physically, mentally and emotionally attached to a behavior that equals comfort or safety for you. So, you have to replace the habit with a better, more positive behavior and even create a reward. What triggers you to pull your hair? Are you aware of it? Or suck your thumb? Sometimes things like nail biting, the best way to stop is to stay busy and maybe get a manicure. What about putting cayenne pepper on your thumb or wrapping it in a bandaid at night. You can't break either of these in a day. It takes time, but you have to work at it.

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