I have unprotected s** with my husband's father. I'm pregnant and it could be and either of them. My father-in-law is ecstatic the baby could be his. It would just kill my husband if he knew I was s******* his father. I'm insanely happy and probably just insane to have let this happen. My father-in-law has promised to take this secret to his grave.

I started s******* Tom's dad before we were married four years ago. One day I was waiting for Tom when his father seduced me into performing oral s**. He quietly took pictures with his phone. Though he never threatened me with exposure, he did every six months or so manage to get into my panties. He is wonderfully endowed and is a magnificent lover. He takes me anally, something my husband has never attempted. I do look forward to having his big d*** c** deep in me.

My husband is terrific in bed and I love him, our s** life is healthy except for the semi-rare trysts with his dad. I must be insane.

Aug 11, 2014

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  • I hope ur husband finds out. Ur terrible u dont deserve to have love. U deserve to be pimped out like the hoe u are

  • Hot I f***** Muh husband cousin and his dad

  • You and your Father-in-Law are AWFUL people.

    For a man to betray his own son in such a way is unforgivable, I very much hope that the secret makes its way back to your husband.

    I've never met Tom but there are few things someone could do to deserve such an awful betrayal from two people meant to love him, he needs to get away from you both ASAP.

  • She's not a blood relative to the father in law, nor her husband for that matter, so there is no inbreeding going on here. She was seeing the father in law before she married anyway. This is just an odd triangle that will play out with a few extra twists. Taking secrets to the grave is never a bad idea in cases like this.

  • Your a sloppy person to of gotten knocked up , poor kid has to live with
    inbreed .

  • I have always fantasized having s** with my father in law.

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