Terms that people/I use that are turn ons

Pretty much h**** all the time, whether it's s** or just jerking off. Alot of dudes say that, but I have the real deal, never enough. When I'm hanging out with buddies talking about s** or whatever, it's pretty normal, we "j*** off", we "f*** chicks", we "spank it", we "blow our wads", all that kind of thing as far as when we're talking. but when I'm just masturbating & I'm online (yeah, sometimes admittedly it's with another dude, talking about what gets us there mainly), the way I like to talk is totally different, and it's a way bigger hotter experience for just being words. For an example, when I'm talking to someone, and watching p***, and we might be jerking off together watching, here's more how it goes: "I have an erection, my p**** is really swollen, my testicles are full of sperm again and I need to m********* to let it out. I like to rub my erection while I talk to another man about how he masturbates. All men have sperm that they need to get out all the time, and every time I have the feeling that I have too much built up I m********* it. I know how to make it feel good like all men do, I've been masturbating since I was young like all men have, and all of our penises work the same way, we rub on them up & down like a machine that only we know how to work, and then we have that feeling in our testicles, they pull up, there's contractions in the big vein underneath them, like a sperm pump, and then we know the sperm and other fluid will be coming out really soon. Sometimes after I e******** I use the sperm that just came out to make my p**** feel good right away again, and m********* with it. Sometimes I wear the same underwear that has alot of sperm dried on the front, and after I've urinated maybe some urine drips on them too, all the different things that come out of my p****, and when I take my pants off I can see and smell the old sperm on them, and it makes me want to m********* again. I don't feel ashamed or guilty about masturbating, because a man's p**** is the most important thing that we all have in common, and we all like to make it feel good every time we can." So that's what I'm into, at least when I'm alone, pretty weird, but so hot I'm hard now after just writing that.

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