Basketball depantsing

I'm 16.. As I was waiting for my high school team basketball practice I was standing there with no shirt on just my shorts and shoes watching the girls team finish up... The girls team manager is 14 and I have a major crush on her.. As I was standing there her little brother sneakes up on me and pulls down both my boxers and shorts I was frozen everyone could see my now hard 5 inch d***... The whole team was laughing and pointing I'm still standing there d*** in clean sight face beat red from embarrassment and humiliation eventually I pull up my pants and leave.. I'm forever haunted by this

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  • That deserves a severe retaliation.

  • Ummm ... if i saw that i would want to suck on it then rub them between my b**** !

  • Are you serious?? That would have been awesome

  • My first reaction would be to beat his ass,but I would just go up to him and ask him why he did it. Do you still like the girl

  • Yeah I do still like her she now calls me "sd" for small d***

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