I do wonder what would have happened

I do wonder what would have happened had I not listened to my parents and followed my own desires rather than doing what they wanted me to. I should have listened to myself. I'm not happy and have not enjoyed my life as much as I probably could or should have.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • How old are you? If you're still young,it's never too late,to have a fresh start :) I'm 31 and pursing a new career path.

    You can't gain back,those years you lost,when you pursued what your family wanted of you.But you can start pursuing,a new career path now.You didn't go against your families wishes,you did what they wanted.
    If you're an adult now and are independent,living off your own resources and not your parents,follow your dreams now.If they find out and don't accept it,f*** them!! It's your life,not theirs.You have to live to please yourself,not live to please your family.

    Start believing in yourself and take a stand.Remember,it's your life.If you live your life for others,what's the point in living,at all.Take control!!

  • yeah it is cuz i one thing i want is gone forever and now i don't care what my parents would said but i don't have the girl i want

  • Never too late!

  • i know the feeling i like this girl but didn't ask her out because when i was 14 i know my mom wouldn't have liked her and that my mom wouldn't have let me hang out with because she lived like 20 mins away from my house and my mom wouldn't know what i was doing

  • Huh?

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