I was jogging about 15 years ago- when

I was jogging about 15 years ago- when I still did such things. I was single, I think good looking and just out of the military. It was a Sunday so the parking lots and things were empty around the place I was jogging and was just about to get dark when this older car pulled into the lot up ahead of me and this girl gets out.

As I run toward her I can tell she is wanting to talk to me so when I got close I stopped. She was asian and she looked pretty, in a tight skirt with a nice figure. She signs to me as if saying she cannot talk. Writes on a piece of paper that she cannot speak (mute) and an address she is looking for. I am looking at her and I tell you...she looked good. I tell her the address is just a few blocks away. She seemed confused or acted that way and when she asked if I would show her, I said WTF and got in her car figuring my 6'0"/190# can over power her 5'4"/140# if that was her real thing, but obviously I was thinking I might score or something. A short ride to the place she is looking, though she parked up the street from the address she said she was looking for I get out of her car saying I will run back instead of the ride back she offered. By now I am thinking as good as she looks...I don't think it's a she.

She gets out of the car as I do and comes around to me. She writes on a piece of paper saying she wants me to call her..but she lives with her brother so if he answers I shouldnt be alarmed. I look at her again..the light is now less and I have to admit...I wanted to f*** her, she looked that good in her short little skirt, but the warning bell was going off in my head. I took her number out of politness and was about to leave when she got very close to me...I could smell her scent which was nice. She wrote...can I kiss you? I look at her again..this time at her crotch but the skirt wouldn't reveal anything and I looked at her b****** and could not tell if they were real of stuffed. I said no to the kiss, but said I woudl call.

I never did call, but I think about it sometimes still. I am pretty sure it was a dude in a dress, but I admit I was tempted to find out.

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  • You should have gone for it eitherway it had an arsehole u couldnt loose

  • Um, so how the f*** were you planning to call a mute on the phone???

    Her "brother" would've been "her" ...

  • For starters she was asian so its good u didn't kiss her

  • i sense still a little curiosity...

  • Smart Move. If you don't know don't find out. Brilliantly smart move.

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