He is upset for some reason

We just met a month ago. for three weeks we developed this amazing chemistry. everything was great, and then i did something wrong. i dont know exactly what but i notice hes been avoiding me and acting a bit cold towards me.
i dont want to make a big deal out of everything. i dont want to ask him if he is angry for some reason. i feel like if he feels upset with me, he should come forward and tell me what did i do. i dont want to guess or assume.
but then again, i miss him terribly. i wanna talk with him and laugh with him again, and soon. so, should i just go ahead and tell him: whats wrong, did i do something.

or should i just wait?

i hate these games.

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  • It's a toss up because if you ask him then you may come off as needy and insecure. But at the same time, communication is important in any relationship. And if someone can't share what's going on with them, then what do you have? This could be a great opportunity for the both of you to be open and honest and not play guessing games. One thought is that he could be pulling away because he's scared of commitment. But again, if you want to find out you have to ask. You have nothing to lose at this point. Say you seem to be distant of late..and if he says everything is fine. Then leave it at that.

  • Oh boy... I wish I could tell the difference between when he is pulling away because he's scared of commitment and when he is upset/disappointed/angry/whatever that I did something stupid.

    If this was a girl's behavior the reason would most definitely be that a guy was flirting/showing significant interest into someone else.

    But when guys behave like this I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT COULD BE THE REASON.

  • You haven't been dating long, it could be a number of things or nothing. But you should ask him, otherwise it would make you crazy. You're saying that he gets upset/angry and disappointed with you? You've been dating a month. It should be puppies and rainbows right now. If anything, he may be angry with himself. Hate to call attention to something, but I would wonder if he is truly single. You don't give your age.. but could he be married? The acting cold or angry is it like switch has been flipped? Regardless, it would be a good indicator that it's all him and not you. But don't think for a moment that you did something wrong. If you are being you, you're not doing anything wrong. And who cares if you did something stupid. If you did something stupid around your friends, you would laugh it off. And with a guy who is really into you..it should be endearing and not something that you're punished for. Again, if this guy can't tell you what is up, there are already problems. I would rethink this before it continues. Otherwise, all this stuff that is happening now will just be a running theme throughout your relationship, and you don't want that.

  • Im 22 he is 24. im not sure if he is single or not, we never discussed anything. we just kinda bonded and jumped right into this thing that we have. this city we're staying in (we're both here temporarily) is magical, it could be a little bit of that. he hasn't been acting angry with me, just a bit cold, like he's been avoiding me. not completely but i notice some sort of reluctance... which is strange because right before that we got to a certain level of... being close. and he likes me a lot because many people noticed that. as for me... Im obviously crazy about him.

    b***** idiot, we're wasting our precious time because he is acting all weird and im acting stupid not knowing what to do

  • Maybe he's single in the magical world. Definitely a question to ask and it doesn't have to be some serious relationship status talk. But you should be getting to know this guy. And if you're in this magical world, take hold of the situation girl and ask the hard questions or whatever, have fun. Otherwise you will over analyze all of his weird actions. And him acting cold or distant, could just be how he is..or maybe you're expecting other reactions that he's not giving to you so you're interpreting it as cold/distant. idk..

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