Her low libido is driving me CRAZY!!!

So me and my girlfriend have a good relationship. We understand each other and tell each other the truth no matter what but there's a problem. She has the lowest libido on the planet. Now, i know the relationship isn't all about s**...but once a month?? I don't know what to do!! Its not her fault her libido is low and i feel selfish and immature getting p***** that we're not having s** often.I really don't know what to do...

Oct 3, 2014

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  • Im happy with no s** with my current gf...other women turn me on so much..she prolly not into you any more break it off like im about to

  • Has she seen a doctor they do have things to get a woman excited or maybe she is not turned on by you anymore your not a good f***** . Time to break up

  • Usually when a woman expresses frustration with her boyfriends or husbands low libido on this site she is advised to get herself a little something on the side, with or without his knowledge, if she doesn't want to leave him. I fail to see why it should be any different in your case.

  • S** is like air it's not important until you aint getting any. Be honest and tell her you want more s** or you are tossing her to the curb. No reason to pull your hair out if your not happy. Either she gives it up or she gets out. Every guy who lives on in the eastern USA or the west coast needs to know 1 thing. Single Women out number men 2 to 1. You will get laid more often as a single male in those areas than anywhere else in the world.

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