Virgin fetish

I'm a 28yr old girl and i get so turned on by virgins. Something about taking a guys virginity. Being his first time that he always remembers and just rocking his world in the bedroom with the simplest things is so hot. I love having that power over a guy and taking their innocence. Playing teacher to them. Ive only done it once but if I could only sleep with virgins for the rest of my life I would.

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  • Wanna meet? I need a girl to take mine

  • I am very good looking 32 year old male on shy submissive side and virgin I wish they were more women like you

  • Actually there are quite a few of us.

  • You can. Play them well. Play them often.

  • So you're my fet-sister and if it pleases you, you can contact me here: so we can talk about it. Google says this is from May 2014 so that would make us the same age!
    Can't wait to hear from you!


  • I'm 25 year old virgin female. even though i'm non sexual society teaches me to be embarrassed about being a virgin. Glad to see some people seek it out instead of humiliating and shaming.


  • Your my dream guy. I would teach you everything you wanted to know :)

  • I'm 16 year old virgin male

  • I would rock your world

  • I lost my virginity to a married woman, it was the best thing that happened to me I thought until I had 3 Virginia p****** after a couple of years. Now I love married p**** due to the fact that their husbands don't f*** them enought. I have a nice size c*** to satisfy them so all is good.

  • Would you take the virginity of a young boy like around 12 years old?Dont worry i m not a young boy (i am 34 male) but i find the idea of a adult woman and young boy scenario secret fetish

  • You're a b******.

  • Sorry. More like teenagers and above

  • Ah, I remember being a teenage boy, where just getting to second base was a thrill. I would have given my eyeteeth for a hot older woman to 'take advantage' of me and been eternally grateful for the experience.

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