I keep have dreams about me bang my

I keep have dreams about me bang my sister what does that mean

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  • It means you're a freak ! Dumbass.....

  • shut the h*** up and do it if you're going to. no one cares, f**.

  • actually i really want to bang my sister its not 4 attention

  • aaaam..me?i was jus fillin ur sisters c**.u c**** will do anything 4 attention.g.f.u.

  • anyone?

  • where have u been i said i want to f*** my sister

  • Vell, I sink it vuld mean zat you vant to f*** your sister.

  • yeah

  • damn u must b f***** too ugly to fill other women huh.

  • i want to fill my sister with c**

  • that you can't get a normal girl to f*** you.

  • but i still want to f*** my sister

  • thank you

  • You are a loser and morally at the bottom of the heap. You are what we call a bottom feeder....

  • It's not a prophecy, it's just a DREAM, based most likely on your own desires. It won't come true if you don't want it to, and even if you do, I still doubt it will, because if your poor sister has any sense she'll stay the h*** away from you.

  • how can i find out if its gonna come true or if its just a dream

  • yep, good job

  • sweet if it really means i bang then i would finally get something i want instead of being a loser that is going to die a virgin i be a loser who banged his own sister

  • it means you will bang yor sister.

  • shutup megan

  • it means you are going to end up a criminal

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