Maybe she'll leave me alone now...

There's some girl that's uglier than most guys that keeps hitting on me, so I told her I'm to make her leave me alone

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  • I told her I'm to make her leave me alone. Seriously, what?

  • The girl may or may not have been physically ugly, but OP is illiterate-ugly. Seriously, stupid isn't a good look on anybody!

  • OK, so maybe you are not attracted to her. That doesn't make her ugly or a bad person. What does "to make her leave me alone" mean? did you beat her up or something? She is still human, so whatever you do don't hurt her or her feelings. You know how it feels to be rejected by someone you like. Grow up and just be kind. Tell her you are flattered (even if you aren' takes courage to show someone you like them), but you only like her as a friend.

  • Little girls (including people with little-girl brains) love to dismiss anyone they don't like with the words ugly, jealous, or fat.

    But yeah, keep telling yourselves that females are superior to males when it comes to relating to others. That's one of those obvious, steaming piles of bullshit everyone knows is bullshit but keep bleating it out anyway, just because everyone else is.

    Just one example of how humans are a stupid species!

  • Lol at the comment below me

  • What exactly makes her ugly?

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