I feel evil...

I feel terrible about it but my ultimate fantasy is being taken by several strangers. I know it's not something I should want, but I do. I want to be held down or tied up. Then I want to be used. Not too painfully. But still used. Turns me on just thinking about men using me for their pleasure...

Nov 11, 2014

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  • Find a good ethical dominant. You need to have him find and screen the men. He can test your limits of the tying and whipping. Then do medical checks and be there to see everything goes as planned. I did this for a number of couples and a few single women. It is complex, but very doable.

  • Hi sexy, you usound lovely with nice big t***. I'm 26 am a black s******, 36d with a slim 6" c***. We could explore our needs together, I can be dominant or submissive,

  • You sound like a dirty little b**** and need some discipline,a good spanking and f******.

  • I am! Wanna help me out?

  • Many girls have fantasies of being used, thats why they have a secret fantasy of being raped. How old r u and what do u look like?

  • Just tell how to contact you b**** and het ready to be punished, this is an instruction so obey

  • F*** you then you stupid b****, ho with them sissies below

  • I never once said I wanted to be disrespected. I like rough s**, yes. Discipline and a good spanking sounds fantastic. But I am not a stupid b**** nor am I a ho.

  • Bet you f****** ugly as well

  • Bet you have a tiny d***

  • 30 5' 11'' c*** 7" fat bend over b****

  • I'm 23, brunette, 5'5", 150lbs

  • How big are your t***, are they big enough to be tied and milked

  • Definitely lol I've always had big b****

  • I told my wife about you and she want to join in any bandage s** session we have. She has big t***, shaven c*** long red-hair, she's 30 bi. Would you let her join in, she can be very gentle of firm as you like. She will also swap laces and let you dominate her?

  • Ooh I love a redhead! Only been with a woman once but I def would again!

  • How big, as I would love to bind them, play wilth your nipples, as you are restrained. Tease your clitwith my c*** but not f*** till you scream for me to f*** you.

  • 34D and that just got me hot

  • I'm glad we made you hot, I'm Sue and Om glad you want me to join you and Mark, also that you have had lesbian s** before, as I want to play with your naked body Mark has been f****** me and talking about you.

  • Oh you have a new admirer, sounds violent to me. You need a woman's touch as well as a big c***. Have you ever been fisted, I love it

  • I have never been fisted! it sounds painful!!

    You two are driving me mad, too. I wish you were my neighbors! (They are such an attractive couple and act so uptight, I just know they have to get a little freaky lol)

  • You can fist me, I'm used to it, I wish we were your neighbours. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you. What would you like me to do to you xx

  • The fantasy I am having right now is of me on my knees, hands tied behind my back...your husband f****** me from behind while I'm eating your p****

  • Oh yes please he' f****** me doggy and spanking my a***

  • I real sad, hubby has sad he wants to nominate and fuvk you on his own, because I wouldn't f*** a really fat man he came home so he forced me to f*** him and suck his c***, it was gross. I want you, so much bye darling

  • No I want you too

  • I want a 69 with you to c** in each others mouth with your c*** full of s**** after a good f******

  • Why would that make you feel evil? That doesn't make sense.

  • Because I feel like I shouldnt want something like this. I guess evil wasn't a good choice. Sinful? Dirty? I dunno a good word for it...

  • Are you female? I'm a dominant bi woman

  • I am

  • Would you like to be nominated by a large breasted p**** shaven mature woman?

  • I would love to be dominated by ANYONE

  • My name is Jane, were you from, id like to meet you and teach you the wonders of bondage between two women. I will strip you, tie you up and tease you till you beg to c**

  • Mm this sounds like exactly what I want! I'm from Mississippi

  • Sorry darling in in the Uk, made my p**** wet thinking of you xx

  • Wow your 23, I'm 40. We could of had so much pleasure and a little pain through spanking my big t*** 42gg

  • I would mix pain with pleasure till you wanted both if you could just have relief and o*****. I would love to be able to keep you restrained as I use you to enjoy myself.

  • I don't tolerate pain well but I haven't tried much other than spanking which I love

  • I will use you

  • I wish!

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