My girlfriends brother

So me and my girlfriend (we're both female) worked out this arrangement with her brother so she doesn't have to come out to her Unaccepting parents. Basically, he pretends to be my boyfriend whenever I'm over and their parents even make me sleep in the same room as my girlfriend because they're scared their son and his "girlfriend" (me) will have s**. Little do they know that while me and my gf sleep in the same room were actually having lesbian s** all night. This was never a problem.

But my gf said her parents were getting suspicious and asked me and her brother to act more flirty around each other. So we starting doing just that. He would smile at me more, cuddle me, even kiss me on the cheek here or there. The thing is, I was starting to be attracted to him. He's really attractive and sometimes while me and my gf were having s** I thought about him pleasing me instead. I knew he liked me too, once while we were cuddling he got a hug b****.

Once after a sleepover in the morning my gf left to go get some groceries for her mom. I knew this could take up to an hour so I started to think of her brother and I touched myself while in my bra in panties. Suddenly, the brother walks in on me, and instead of looking shocked or upset he just looks really f****** turned on. He looks at me and takes of his shirt, this comes towards me and starts kissing me and biting my neck sexually. One thing led to another and we ended up having the hotess s** ever. I still think about it today. I love my girlfriend, but I can't even have s** with her without thinking about her brother. What do I do?


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  • Congrats you are no longer a screwed up misfit. You fixed yourself without hospitalization.

  • You're a cheating slutty b****. Tell your girlfriend what you did so she can move on and have a decent human being in her life.

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