I keep having s** with my flatmate. His girlfriend is here almost every weekend and he's in my bed almost every week night. No one else in the house knows as we're really secret about it. I know I should feel guilty about him having a girlfriend, but she's such a b**** that I think she kinda deserves been cheated on. Am I a horrible person?

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  • Believe me..Everyone in the house knows. This sounds exactly like one of my bartender friends, who was living with 3-4 other people, yet, her own bed stayed made most nights. She was across the hallway, having s** and sleeping with one of the guys. Worst kept secret ever. Think even the mailman knew.

  • Yes? The dude is a d*** because he is cheating, but you KNOW he has a gf and you still are f****** him? You're also a dumb ass because he is just using both of you - you're nothing more than a piece of ass. And someday karma will be a b**** to you, as in your dude will be messing with other girls behind your back.

  • I actually don't care that I'm a piece of ass. I don't have feelings for the dude.

  • Nothing at all wrong with it. I wish I had a f*** buddy.

  • How long have they been together?

  • Only a couple of months.

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