i cheated on my boyfriend of seven

i cheated on my boyfriend of seven months
with one of my best friends,
we got drunk and it just happened by mistake.
i dont know if i should tell him or just live with the guilt, he has terrible trust issues already and i dont want to let him go.
but i think he deserves to know.
things are going to be awkward between me and my friend and i dont know what to tell him.
because it was just a mistake.
it was his first time and now hes in love with me.
things are getting pretty awkward and awful
im pretty upset, feeling pretty guilty
someone help me out?

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  • Live with the guilt. Confessing is a selfish way of relieving your own guilt, just make up for it in silent ways!

  • No friend when a woman does it its an accident, when a man does it its cheating

  • what do you mean mistake, did you trip and fall on his d#@3 by mistake?

  • Its called letting him know the truth, and yes the truth hurts but its better than walking around with no idea, I'd rather leave someone with my head held high and the knowledge that it was my choice, than have someone stab me in the back and me just thinking they're wonderful. You play you pay, just how it is.

  • Why do you want to tell him? Cos he deserves it? He deserves to be crushed and you deserve to have the guilt lifted by the confession?

    Don't say a word if you love him. Live with the guilt yourself and never do it again. If it meant nothing with the other guy he doesn't need to know. Honestly, think about it.... what good could come of telling him?

  • Tell him, and expect to break up. Its easy, if you don't tell him, and he finds out later somehow, he'll probably break up with you then, with good reason. If you love him like you say, there is no other choice.

  • if it were a mistake n u lov him n wan 2 spend ur life with him don tell him.that wud make him unsecure all times.every1 makes mistakes,but if uv learned ur lesson,4give ur self.wat if he were in ur shoe,wat wud he do?wat wud u do?

  • ^agreed. Break up with the guy and your friend. Get out of the situation with them both until your head is on straight. then vow to be wise and learn from this mistake.

  • Advice for the young ladies out there...don't drink alone with friends. Too many things can happen and it is easy to have a lapse in judgment. Unless you meant to spread your legs for him and just needed the liquid courage to do it. Suck it up tell your boyfriend if it is bothering you that bad. He will leave you. Tell your "best" friend that you don't think it is a good idea to have a friend of the opposite gender that wants to have s** with you. You need to make a clean break from this situation.

  • w****.

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