where is a weird place to m*********

where is a weird place to m********* and like make it really weird not like in a public bath room

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  • I just masturbated in my car drivin home an hour ago. It was midnight, streets were quiet but not totally empty. I lifted up my shirt, popped my t*** out my bra rubbd my c*** & moaned all the way home! With the windows down! Try it

  • what is smoking hot and her ass is one of the i ever seen

  • sick f***

  • anyone?

  • well i mean i'm not gonna c** on her i'm just going to m********* by her when she is sleeping if i get a chance i mean one time on a car trip she feel asleep so i acted like was sleeping and touched her great ass

  • ignore the sister comments. If caught (and not just in the act, but by evidence left behind, or a smell.) you'll be f***** to explain it. "Oh, someone on the internet suggested it."

  • do it on your sister while she sleeps.

  • i have done well i was on the phone with her and i almost jerked of to the point where i came

  • anything else

  • I've masturbated while driving 120km/h on a highway. I've seen video of a guy on a subway train while hiding it all behind a newspaper.

    Perhaps quietly in a movie theater? On a bike trail? Cut out a pocket on some baggy pants and try it while walking? A friends backyard pool or hot tub? An elevator (without a camera)?

    Stay away from schools of course. And be prepared to have a cover story for your actions. Looking for change, an ant bit you, anything reasonable.

  • but i got to try that its hard cuz she married and i don't live with her but i could go visit and do something when my brother-in-law leaves

  • or she may like it i hugged her when a had an erection a bunch of times

  • just sneak into your sisters room while she is sleeping. u can actually sneak a feel of her p**** while she sleeps. u can definately hold her breast with one hand and c** on the bed with the other while she sleeps. Also try to wrestle with your sister whille swimming, she will never know that you are feeling her p**** when you pick her up. If all else fells, just pretend to get caught when you know she is walking into the room, she will say that is gross and then want to do it again!

  • i know i once masturbated well sitting behind my sister while she was looking for a video on my computer

  • the more likely to get caught the better it is!!!!!!

  • anyone? and maybe try some place where its less likely to get caught

  • In the stocking isle of your local grocery store. Just use the naked women in pantyhose as motivation

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