Couldn't help it

I've been sexually active for a few years, much more so than my other girlfriends, and I have seen a lot of penises, but last night I saw my first uncircumcised one, and seeing it was so weird and unexpected that I just started laughing and I couldn't stop. The guy drove me home without talking to me and I doubt he'll call again. But that's okay because those things look so.......ewwww!! Too weird.

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  • Once it's hard, a d***'s a d***. Just keep it hard and you'll never know what it was before it got hard. Bon apetit!

  • Mine's uncut and I understand completely: they do look weird when they're soft. It's just something that requires a little getting-used-to: the more of them you see, the more comfortable you'll be with them.

  • Sounds a little immature to me but I hear you, uncircumcised d***'s don't look very appealing in fact they look weird like a mutant caterpillar but hey, they say you learn something new everyday.

  • LOL. I Love the "mutuant caterpillar" analogy. :)

  • I agree with you......I'll f*** one that's uncut, but won't suck one. GROSS!!

  • That's kinda funny since they do come that way, at least initially. Of course it's also natural for women to grow hair on their legs. Can't blame the guy for his reaction though, laughter is NOT the desired response. Hopefully next time you can respond with a little more tact.

  • I know you're right, of course, without question. I behaved badly and I know I hurt his feelings. I really wish I hadn't done that. He seemed like a very nice guy. But the surprise of that sight just caught me totally off guard. Uncut guys should have to wear some kind of bracelet or ring or something, or at least be required BY LAW to warn the girl that she's about to see something unusual. Like I said, I've seen a lot of c**** but the first time with this variety was sooooooo OMG!

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