The reality is, I'd sell my soul to the

The reality is, I'd sell my soul to the devil for a one nighter with a hot chick with a rockin body, tan skin and painted toes. She'd suck me off, I'd eat her from the inside out, she'd c** over and over and I'd f*** her silly, both in the p**** and the ass. That's my fantasy..

The night would last forever, and I'd never forget it. Neither would she....There's nothing on this planet I wouldn't give for a chance with a beautiful young firm bodied brunette. Any takers out there? Name your price!

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  • This is the devil posting. Your soul is not worth the hassle of finding a hot chick to bang you!

  • LMAO! You are a loser!

  • ay i got the tan skin and the bod, come on over!

  • I am going to Germany then, hehe!

  • i went to Germany, beautiful women, all colors, including blonde, only cost me $40 bucks

  • Yea.. nothing that 5K couldn't fix. Should get you exactly what you order.

  • im sure your could pay for that kind of fantasy..with cash not your soul

  • Okay so let me get this straight, you'd sell your soul for a lay? My friend if you were gonna sell your soul, do it for conquest or power or wealth, these are all things that usually are followed by massive orgies, or just an endless parade of flesh. The idea of eternal damnation for just one night with anyone, well it kinda seems sad, no matter how good the s** would be.

  • To the first commentor... You're right, and good for you. I myself am definately considered no Mr. GQ, however, I am very well educated and am very successful. Most importantly I treat my woman VERY well. She is not the gorgeous brunette with a rockin body that I fantasized about in this confession, but she means everything to me. I love her and I ALWAYS show her how much she means to me by being affectionate, responsive and emotionally connected. Your story is very cool though, it's nice to see an "average joe" with a very attractive woman because he is a NICE GUY... Too many Chipendales end up with all the gorgeous ones, which always frustrated me.....:))

  • Well, isn't he lucky.... b******....

  • Looks arn't everything my dear. I'm an attractive woman dating what some people would call an ugly man. I love him and the s** is the best i ever had.
    Try looking a little deeper sweetheart.

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