Take me for the night and have your way..

I confess that I am extremely h**** right now with no good way to relieve the feeling. I would like to put on a short skirt with some cute panties, my bra and a tank. Then, find a guy that would be up for a good one night stand.

I'd suck his d*** and if he wants it, I'd fondle his b****. I'd even suck on and lick his b**** as well. I'd deep throat. I'd swallow his c**.

My b****** are a bit more than a handful, with nipples that are small and super sensitive. Suck my nipples, fondle them till they are painfully erect. While you are playing with my nipples and b******, my shaved p**** would be getting wetter and wetter, pushing up towards you begging you to be inside of me. You could finger me while fondling me and I'd c**. I'd let you f*** me doggy style, spanking me, because I'd been a very bad girl that needed to be punished. I'd want you to f*** me missionary style, with my legs open as wide as possible, hips slightly upwards, begging you to be inside of me...knowing that I'd c**. I'd ride your d*** whatever way you'd like...facing you or away from you. I'd f*** you in the bedroom, in the kitchen, back of your car, and in the woods. We could watch each other m*********. You could watch me with the vibrating d****. I'd let you use the vibrating d**** on me...making me beg for you to use it on me...teasing me...having me c** as many times as you'd like.

I'd role play. I could be patient and you could be the doctor. I could be the bad student and you the teacher. I could be the virgin student and you the teacher. I could be the maid and you the man of the house. I'd even let you decide how you wanted to f*** me...my tight and wet p**** would be your slip n slide for the night, waiting for your volcano to erupt, spewing it's hot lava. My mouth would be ready to taste you. My b****** and back would be ready to take your c** as well.

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  • I wanna undress you like a Christmas gift slowly take everything off slowly take your Thong off and have my way with you I'd tie you up and do naughty things to you when I'm done you would beg for more

  • I would love to f*** you up your a*** and eat your m*** out and you can suck my c***.

  • I want you to sit on my face. I want to work your c*** with my tongue. I would reach up and pull and tug on your nipples while I f*** you with my tongue. The thought of your juices running down my face as you c** makes me so h****

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