Teacher confessions

I'm a teacher. A slutty teacher. Here is what I've done:

1. I've sucked a parents d*** in my classroom.
2. Ive sucked a male TAs d*** in the lounge.
3. I've f***** that TA and posted pictures of us f****** on another website.
4. I send naked pictures of myself to parents who flirt with me.
5. I never wear panties to school so I can be ready to f*** a parent.
6. I leave on my break and met men and f*** them. Random men

Ready to meet new fathers so I can f*** them.

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  • I wish I knew your school and visityou babe ...

  • Really?

  • Nice! I wish I had the b**** to do what you're doing.

  • OMG, I would love to have you teaching my children, every year until they graduate. I'd come to school and do you in the ladies room, the teacher's lounge and even in your classroom. I've got a painful hardon just reading what you wrote. Damn sexy b****! DAMN!

  • Jesus Christ you are a s h i t t y writer, and a lazy one as well. And you had to comment on your own confession. You took a lie that could have been an interesting story and just killed it, and your comments on your own post show how ineffective your stories are. 0 stars for the lie, 0 stars for your skills.

  • First of all this is my first time back on here since I posted my confession. I never commented on my post there are no lies a******. Secondly, you're mad because ur d*** is little wait...you're a b**** so your p**** is rotten and no one wants it. Go back to wishing these things were happening to you. #bearcunt

  • Any chance you can let us know what website you posted your pics so we can get a look at you?

  • Love that! Wish you were my kids teacher.. I'd take you over your desk for sure!

  • I agree

  • Dam thats fucken hot, let us know where we can see these pics, i hope you live in my area so you can start f****** random guys you meet on this website

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