Uk swinging part 1

My wife and I are from the midlands, england. Both aged 36 and hard working proffesionals. It is safe to say that it is not easy to be sexually open in a small rural village. We are active swingers and have been for around 5 years. We have to travel for about 2 hours to get to the better clubs so we decided to start a "home swinging" club. We set a date for the first party to be held at our rather isolated home and invited people we had met over the years. Each couple was told to bring at least one other person along, but preferably another couple. The day of the party and the weather was perfect, the caterers had been and left all the food and drink. My contacts had come through with the v***** and all was well. The evening started with drinks and introductions. My friend introduced my wife and I to their new couple. My jaw nearly hit the floor. She was the most beautiful lady of colour I had ever seen, much like beyonce but a little darker. He was built like an athlete and very dark. My wife whispered to me that she wanted them. Both. We seemed to hit it off and headed to our bedroom, leaving our other guests to their own enjoyment. I had already taken a v***** and my wife announced she had taken two and felt very "filthy". Kathy (my wife) began to dance to the piped music and Claire joined her as David and I enjoyed a drink and watched. Kathy gave Claire one of the best lap dances I have have ever seen and it was too much for David. He asked me with a smile "can I join Kathy"? I nodded and watched as my sexy wife ground herself against Claire as she released David from his trousers. Now, I am larger than average at 9.5 inches and thick, but this man was at least 12 inches and as thick as a beer can! Kathy screamed with shock when she saw his d***. She was straight on her knees trying to fit it in her mouth. "Dont worry" said Claire. "I cant do that either. You wait until he's smashing your cervix, you wont be able to breath". At this I offered Claire my own modest d***. She just lifted her skirt, lay back and opened her legs to reveal the smoothest c*** I have ever seen. "Just push it in me". As I was f****** her on the floor, I could her Kathy c****** and looked up to see David had managed to get almost b**** deep! He pulled out fast and she continued to c** for a few seconds, pulsing juice onto his c***! Claire said that was hottest thing she had ever seen. I agreed. "Lets show them!" She grinned. "David, im going to let him try my a***! Ok"? She stuck her behind in the air and as I was about to enter her she told Kathy to come and "lube it up". She spat on her arsehole and told Claire to brace herself. "Its' kind of his thing"! Kathy kissed me h****** the lips and said "f*** her good and hard baby. She looks like she can take it. Im going to try to take THAT" she pointed at Davids d*** "in my a***"! She saw my eyes widen and smirked her sexy smirk. "FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK"! Claire came and collapsed a quivering wreck. "That was her first a***" said David as he positioned himself between my wifes legs and fingered her a***. "I want to taste her nasty a*** juice! Feed me your c*** baby" said my wife who now had three fingers in her tight a***. I moved to her side and she hungrily licked and sucked my c*** clean. "F*** my a*** now"! She demanded. David beckoned Claire to come and watch as he lined up and started pushing. Kathy screamed as the head broke through her token resistance. "Treat me like a s***" said Kathy. "Make me gag on your c*** you f*****"! I had never seen or heard her like this. I rammed my d*** down her throat and heard her choke and gag. Each time she gagged davids d*** went deeper and deeper until he truly was ball deep. He started slowly at first then built up to a frantic pace. Kathy let out the most gutteral, primal scream as Claire slid 4 fingers in her c*** as David asfucked the life out of her. "Double up on the s***"! Shouted claire. I had to force my way into her dripping c*** but when i did she came over and over. David came up her a*** and pulled out with loud pop. I pulled out and came on her face, which is something i never did before. Kathy lay there with her legs wide open, p**** dripping and a*** seeming to hang open! Claire licked my c** of kathys face the proceeded to lick what was left of davids c** running from her a***! She managed almost her whole hand into kathys a*** before she started moaning again. She was ready again! So was I. Gotta love v*****. I got behind Claire as she fisted my wifes ruined ass and rammed my d*** all the way into hers in one hard push. Kathy was c****** again when David told claire to fist her harder as he rammed home into kathys p****. It must have been very tight because we all came together. We heard a cheer and realised others were watching us. 3 other women got ruined that night. Kathys a*** opens at the mere mention of s** now and we still see David and Claire regularly. Claire first double dicking was even hotter. Tbc.

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