Girlfriends sister

I need to confess this as this is a measy situation, been with my girl 8 years now and past 3 months he younger sister been staying with us as she broke up with her boyfriendand has nowhere to go, she stays over in the spare room and has really moved in with us, now my gf s** wise is very vanilla, very bland shall we say, we have s** in many posistions just i rarely get a b******, she hates c** so i not allowed to c** on her face, mouth, or inside her, she has let me c** on her t*** but she made me clean her up after which ruined the whole moment, she very prude when it comes to talking about s** with friends and getting her to put on any lingire is next inpossible, not to mention she wont wear heels or dresses or even a skirt, so when her younger sister is hanging around in short skirts, proper high heels and tight clothing i couldnt help but look and fantasise, so ine night the gf went to bed and the convo got onto s** and she was telling me all the things shes ever done, i had a major h******, shes had threeways with girls and guys, loves a*** and has even slept with 5 guys at the same time! like i said i had major h******, she noticed and asked about our s** life and i told, she couldnt get it and then told me she can keep a secret, next thing before i knew it shes sucking my d***! i tryes to stop it but i was so h**** and it was so hot! having someone sucking my d*** so passionatly and with such l***! i couldnt hold it and came in her mouth, she raised her head and showed me my c** in her mouth and she gulped it down right in front of me! shocked thinking that was it she demanded her turn and lifted her skirt pulled off her knickers and climbed on my face! i licked her out as she rode my face, this got me hard again, even more when i noticed she stuck her finger in her bum as i licked her p****, she noticed my hard c*** and lowered herself onto it and rode me proper hard, i grabbed her a*** cheeks beforw slipping my finger in her arae beforw she then guided my d*** into her a***! something that never happened before with my girlfriend! it was so tight and amazing as she rode me with my d*** in her bum hole! i thought i was guna c** again but she climbed off and sucked my d*** again straight from her ass, i bent her over the arm the couch and gave her a right hard fuxking up her s****** till i filled her a*** with my c** again! now every so often when ever we are alone i f*** her like a little w****! she wears hold ups, heels boots and sexy undies, lets me c** on her slutty face, in her mouth, f*** her in the ass, shes hot as f*** but shes not my girlfriend, i just wish my girlfriend was like that with s** otherwise there would be no problem

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  • Ever f***** both in same day?

  • Yes, more than once

  • You should date her instead then

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