i think my p**** is big but for some

i think my p**** is big but for some reason i want it to be a foot long or something around that i guess that i figure if its that big i can lose weight and go into the p*** business and with my 9 inch p**** i would actually have to be good look to get in it

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  • Will you please stop posting about your w***? No one on here believes you, or cares, so get a life.

  • I mean i just want to here a girl tell me its big

  • well i need a girlfriend so i can put myself on the web

  • Oh stop fishing for compliments about something you had nothing to do with. You get what you get and deal with it. See? A large p**** doesn't always help does it. Now its the women who'll joke that 'sure he's big, but that paper bag on his head makes too much noise'.

    If you don't know if 9 inches is big or not.. wtf have you been doing on the internet? There is 2 posts a week about this. 5.5 to 6.5 inches is the average.

    Get a good paying job, work out, and collect a following through webcam whoring. Someone will flip you a few bucks in paypal for a quick show. Or more for a performance.

  • who are you talking to the person who said they have a 9 incher or the person who said 9 inches is avg

  • you wish!! f****** loser

  • Hello There,
    If you would like a job, go into an apprenticeship or summat, don't waste your life on pipe dreams about going into p***.
    And 9 inch is about average anyway.

    - Dozer

  • hello?

  • I have a 9 inch p**** is that big

  • but i feel like i would never get a girl

  • P*** is a stupid way to go. I have 14 inches and I only keep it for who will be able to crank it.

  • Er...
    P*** is REALLY trashy.
    And that is just stupid.
    And a foot long p**** could, impale and kill a woman.
    Bad idea, bud.

  • i'm ugly and i don't want to be an escort i just have a 9 inch p**** which i'm not sure if that big or not and i don't have a girlfriend i feel that its the only way girls will know how big it is

  • Surely there must be a better line of work available to you? How long do p*** actors last, really? Maybe a couple of years, with very few exceptions? Have you thought of working as a male model or escort, I am sure they make lots of money too.

  • anyone?

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