How can I stop this

I have a Saint Bernard how has a big sloppy tongue i sleep naked and my dog sleeps in the same bed she is to big to move her at night she lays down on top of me and starts to lick my p**** it feels so good because it is so sloppy but how can I stop it I'm sometimes even inside my dog because she lays on top of me and licks my face then I get a b**** and my p**** goes in her vigina should I stop this or incorrig it

Jul 28, 2017

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  • Let him have his way . Dogs need attention to

  • So,'s the p****?

  • Gross! If I find out who you are I'll beat you with my d****.

  • I know this isn't real, but even just the posting itself is f***** up. Way f***** up.

  • How do you stop it? A few random thoughts:
    1. Lock your bedroom door when you go to bed......with the dog on the outside.
    2. Put the beast in the yard at night.
    3. Buy her a nice cage to sleep in, and make sure she stays in it.
    4. Invest in a leash (and then teach yourself how to use it on her).
    5. Sell her.
    6. Give her away.
    7. Beat her when she tries to mount.
    8. Stop being such a sick f***.

  • The dog shouldn't be beaten, because of the sick mind of the dog's owner! The dog isn't at fault, the owner is!

    You're cruel to condone animal cruelty!

  • Aw, Christ.....spare us the false righteous indignation. Go where you'll be welcome. It's You're wasting space here.....every time you write ANYthing.

  • You're right. We should beat YOU. Jesus, you're boring!

  • I'd rather be boring and an advocate for animal rights, than outgoing and a lover of animal cruelty! You're one of the reasons I think animals are better than human beings!

  • You aren't "advocating" for anything, Richard. You're just being mindlessly critical and stupid, Richard. Go away, Richard.

  • Lol whose is Richard, bell - end?

  • Not "we" only "you"Perhaps beat yourself, you foolish ass!

  • Is this you being "clever"? *yawn*

  • Yawn! Is this you "trying" to be clever?!

  • You are just a tad immature

  • You think a person who enjoys b********** tendencies, to be a "tad immature" Are you serious?!

  • Maybe you should stop bc maybe its unsanitary for a dogtongue to be on your p****.

    Idk what your faith is & my intent is not to say what you should believe, only to tell you what i believe.

    I believe Jesus loves you and Jesus does not want you to have any kind of sexual relations with non humans because you are a human.

    I wish you the best. ;)

  • ^YES!^ Thanks for saying it!

  • Thanks for saying what? That Jesus said don't do it? For the love of anything but god, religion has no place in our s** lives people! Religious doctrine was created for many reasons and one of those reasons was the mass control and of a human's sexuality. The ignorant masses of centuries ago we're scared of human nature and created the rules of your religion to control them. It's just a shame that these rules have lasted so long because of mindless sheep among us, no matter how much we evolve.

  •'re pro-dogfuckers?

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