Attracted to my sister in law

My wife used to be so hot. She had the most amazing body I had ever seen. I couldn't be in the same room with her without wanting to tear her clothes off. She has a sister who is 8 years younger (she is 24, my wife and I are both 32). I met my wife when we were in our early 20s so her sister was just a kid to me. In the time since, we have had a baby and my wife gained so much weight I can't even see the woman she used to be if I try. Meanwhile, her sister now looks EXACTLY like how she looked when she was young and hot. We hang out a lot together and get along unbelievably. When I look at her I get that same feeling I used to have for my wife. I have gotten more and more flirty with her and I she has been flirting back hard. My wife is going away on business next week and her sister offered to stay with me for the week to help with the baby. I don't know if I can resist her, I really miss the feeling of a hot body so much.

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    The week did not go well. We got along great at first... Talked late into the night the first couple days, then I mentioned to her how I thougt she looked so much like her sister when she was younger. She said something like "yeah, she really let herself go... That must be hard for you". I was being honest and told her it was hard, especially being reminded constantly of what she used to look like by looking at her. Things got weird after I said that. She got really quiet and stopped talking to me for a while. Then, in the later that night she came into my room and told me she felt bad for me after what I said. She said she was always jealous of her sister for seeming to have such a perfect life. She said she always wanted just a "taste" and it looked like I needed just a small "taste" too. She kissed me and we started taking each others clothes off, then the baby started to cry. We ignored it at first but then she ran to check on her. After that she didn't say another word to me and seemed angry at me for some reason.

  • It's a tough one because it's not like you are looking at someone totally different if she looks exactly like the woman you fell in love with. On top of that, the usual feeling that what you are doing is wrong may be disrupted by the fact that you are used to being with a person who looked exactly like her. You just have to remember that they are not the same person and that if you try anything it will most likely blow up in your face. I get it. You miss the body that you signed up for and it looks like you can get that experience back if only for a moment. You are stuck where you are now. I hope you didn't marry her for her looks or you are screwed. There will always be younger, hotter girls. Your job is to steer clear... That part of your life is over.. Accept it.

  • Don't do it! Think about your woman's love otherwise you'll chop your ** of dude

  • ** go for it.

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