In my early 20s I slept with a

In my early 20s I slept with a coworkers wife. She told her husband and I had to quit. They divorced over it. She committed suicide a few months later. I met my wife at my next job. We've been married for 14 years and have two children and a great life.

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  • I also slept with a coworker's wife. Only he set it up and got us to go along with it. While his wife and I had the **, it felt like he enjoyed it the most. We kept it up until his wife was pregnant and getting ready to give birth. I think we were all fairly convinced the baby was mine util he was born and looked just like the husband. We were glad to have a healthy baby, but it was clear that they wanted me to knock her up. Once she was up to it, we got together exclusively until I got her pregnant myself.

  • What happened exactly? Was it at a party and did she start it? Did they already have issues or did she really love him and regret it and now she’s dead

  • Pray for forgiveness and if you are contrite God will forgive you. I hope all is well with you and your family. (just saw the date 2010)

  • Alls well that ends well eh?

  • When yr 14 year old wife decides to get it on with a co-worker ,...thats the day youll feel the burn ..sunny boy ha ha ha ha ha

  • Learned anything?

  • ur dumb as ** of course his wife is gonna die some day

  • wasn't your fault, if it wasn't you it would have been some other guy, they had issues beyond the single act of you ** her

  • wow your old co workers wife was pretty much a **. she basically started it all.

  • your wife is gonna die

  • now imma fu** your wife


  • wow

  • You are now in the present and moving on to the future. You will not be able to forget the past until you are willing to do so. Let this be the lesson as karma, so you won't do anything in the future that you might regret later. Now, you have a very lovely wife and please try to forget your past. Have fun with your wife and promise yourself you will never do anything to hurt her and praise yourself to be a lucky man who has a wife that cares and loves you!

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