I don't want our friendship to break

I met this guy in a marriage three years ago. At that time, I was in my native country. The marriage got over and then we never met each other.Few months later, I shifted to another country but still that was a strange thing that this guy wasn't going out of my mind. He had a strong influence on me and even without knowing him I could not really forget his face. Then one day through social media, he meet me. On asking him, even he confessed that he had the same strange feeling about me and infact was searching me every now and then. This was the way started knowing each other and became close friends through social media. The problem was that he was in my native country and I was far away from him. But he became that person of my life who understood, supported and guided me without any complaints and without any demands. Then one day, when he called me, my father heard me talking to him. My father is a hater of our own caste and always drops a negative connotation on any boy talking with me.He started cursing me and began yelling insane things about my best friend. I was so pressurized to not protect my best friend and ultimately my father forced me to take promise of his head to never talk to him again. I followed my dad but I was broken from the moment when i promised him but was helpless. My dad would never listen me but I want to talk to my best friend. What should I do?

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  • Talk to your best friend f*** your controlling dad

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