I am in love...the problem is she is

I am in love...the problem is she is only 17, and I am 46. She says she is in love with me and wants to get married when she is old enough (18). She is a very smart young lady and knows what she wants in life. I have had no contact with her for several months do to the circumstances, and I am scared I will lose her during our sepperation.

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  • I'm ugly

  • F*** off hating ass b******

  • Gross

  • No contact eh? She's found someone new. Find someone else who you're not 2.7 times older than.

  • ^ Yes , cause "go f*** yourself and grow up" is the height of maturity, lol f***-ups like yourself are what make this world constantly worse.

  • lets not call names and forget the grammar.the person called diva is looking for fame,people don't want to know you,besides your views sounds like words from a 10 year old kid.in other words just don't make your self stupid.if you can't resist go f*** your self and grow up

  • Back to the original subject: responding to this confession. Poster, you say you are 46 years old, but you sound like you are 16, which explains why you're interested in this poor girl. This relationship is not going to work. Take a moment and think about that. There is NOTHING you two have in common that can bridge the immense gulf between you - not even sexual attraction. After a while she inevitably will be attracted to men closer to her age - if that hasn't happend already. As for you, you need to get over this fixation and form healthy relationships with women - women, not girls - closer your age. If this frightens you or makes you feel uncomfortable, then you need to see a therapist, because there is no way that this is healthy, or even that the girl reciprocates what you feel for her, despite what she says.

  • Lol, whoever just posted is a dumbass. Oh, and first commenter, so are you. All you're doing is going off of the first things you assume, like you know who they are or something. Not to mention, you tell him to learn how to spell, but you don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're". Dumbass.
    Diva 23

  • f*** you bastards who got the problem with diva 23.f***** d*** s*** you are not solving any thing,get you bird brains working and help somebody with a problem then put your signature.

  • Good Idea Diva 23.
    And for the OP you are a f****** loser.
    Diva 23

  • I am getting tired of the person who signs their posts "Diva 23". I think we should all just start doing it so they will cut that s*** out.
    Diva 23

  • I agree that no one REALLY knows what they want at 17. However this person could also know an easy mark when they see one, she could be an aspiring gold-digger. Met a few of those in my time.

    I think either way, you should put some distance between you and stay that way. Nothing good could come of this.

  • 1. learn to spell first
    2. maybe she's trying to figure out what to do.
    3. you are way too old for her. if you're anything like someone else i know who was hitting on me, your sleeping with people under 16, and i went to the cops
    4. does her parents know?!
    5. no one knows what they want in life at 17. They also usually change their minds a few times.
    6. your older than her parents
    7. you probably suffer from selective hearing. i doubt she says she loves you. you just mistake it because i'm sure you try to influence her mind
    8. how'd you meet anyway? i'm sure it's a bad story...
    9. look in the mirror. then look at her. it's not meant to be.
    10. trust me, i know. i'm 17 myself and have regretted my past. i can't lie to my friends or family. then he got scary. i relise it's immoral and wrong. please shut up and let her speak, because i'm sure that you just influence her mind and she feels insecure around her. Please preserve her and don't sleep with her. Respect her would be a better word i guess, just cause i don't know your situation.

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