For some reason i want to have s** with

For some reason i want to have s** with my older sister but i'm not alone because i find out my brother's been looking at incest p*** to

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  • I know this is out of character for me, but to be completely honest, that story of making love to you mother really got me hard.


  • What that I want to bang my older sister. I really want to fill her with c**, or are you talking to the guy who should he banged his mom.

  • wow you're a lousy liar, but grats for suckering all these idiots into believing your bullshit

  • Yeah that's too bad. Thanks for the idea, though. I f***** my mom again today, and I plan on doing it a lot now.

  • cool to bad my sister didn't seem to react when i hugged her with and erection

  • So I tried your hugging her with an erection idea; I figured I could explain it away if she wasn't interested, and I know that if I want to have s** with her, than I have to make a move - it won't just happen on its own. I figured that I had a good chance, as she hasn't dated anyone in years and could probably use some s**. She lives a few minutes away from my work, so I called her up and asked her out to lunch. She and I do go to lunch together sometimes, maybe like once every 2 months or so - we just went out last week, actually, so she was a bit surprised that I wanted to go out again so soon. I told her that had something I wanted to tell her. She's 44 and about 150 pounds overweight (I told you she wasn't hot - my attraction is purely the taboo idea of s** with my own mom), while I am 24 and probably 20 pounds overweight. So I got to her place and she was cleaning. "Hi," she said. "Let me just shower up." She walked off and closed the door most of the way and started the shower. I waited for her to finish, and stripped to my boxers and undershirt, and then I asked her if I could talk to her. She came out in a towel that barely covered her huge t***. I said "I just wanted to get out of my work clothes while I was waiting for you." Then I hugged her and said "I know I don't tell you this often enough but I love you so much. Words don't even do it justice. I wish I could show you how much I really love you." My erection was out of my boxers and pushing against her p**** - all that separated my c*** from her p**** was her towel. She looked down and said "Whoa! What are you doing?!" I said, "uh, sorry. Maybe you should put some clothes on and then we can talk, becuase I can't help but be a little aroused by hugging a woman wearing only a towel that barely covers her." She laughed and said "even if that woman is your fat, ugly mom?" I said "Mom, I love you. You'll always be beautiful to me." We kind of stood there a minute staring at each other - It was really awkward! Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and I leaned in to kiss her. We stood there making out for a few minutes before she pulled me on the floor on top of her. It was strange to see her naked underneath me, moaning and breathing heavily. Honestly, the s** itself was just OK. I've had much better. I was expecting it to just blow me away because it was so taboo but it didn't. Of course, it was still s**, and felt great! Finally, I came inside of her and we just laid next to each other for a while. I feel a lot closer to her now, and think that the s** will be good for our relationship. Then I went home to my girlfriend's house - she isn't home yet, so I thought would post this.

  • hey if you want to you should try to hug your mom when you have an erection and tell us what her reaction is

  • I'm a bit curious about incest as well. My mom is not hot, but sometimes I think about having s** with her. I just wonder what she would be like, and what it would feel like to see her underneath me as I pumped her full of c**.

  • anyone?

  • This is pathetic

  • I'm a big fat doodoo head.


  • Wow, doesn't take long for the fans to come out does it? Look guys (or gals), The reason those insults don't work is because none of us with signatures say that, now if you are fantasizing about me saying these things to you, which seems to be the case, well you have the freedom to feel that way, not much I can do to stop your thought processes, limited and not very creative as they are, much like the rest of your lives must be I would imagine.


  • I would love you to do me rectally.


  • please massage my p**** for me


  • man you incest kid, geting boring with the same s***.p*** off.above poster,get over it,if you cant go f*** your self.

  • I am getting tired of the person who signs their posts "Diva 23". I think we should all just start doing it so they will cut that s*** out.
    Diva 23

  • I think that YOU need to go and get help from a professional s**
    theripst, your brain cell need to be changed round....

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