Attracted to sister

I love my sister.. she has big b**** and big ass too.. she is not very good looking but still above average.. i started reading incest stories and watching p*** on incest and eventually changed my view towards my sister and now i just want her so badly to have s** with me.. what should i do to indicate her that i want s** and how can i seduce her.. please help..



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  • Take her out one day an spoil her rotten make her understand that brother always loves you. Then spike her drink watch then be caring brother again take her home spike her sum more. Start with her feet first undo her heels then slowly place it inside ur nose and start to clean them with ur tongue ๐Ÿ‘… then the knickers will be in the be right in ur mouth and itโ€™s just getting better with her getting them back off you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Trust me brother
    It works
    I love going to my sisters house now on a weekend with my girlfriend for a long weekend. She always leaves her knickers in a place that I know now. Itโ€™s becoming mandatory nowadays

  • Spiking drinks is a bad idea. Seduce her and if you're smart about it you'll get the best s** you've ever had.

  • Just throw her on bed and thrust her like your last day on earth

  • You know, I can't see the point of the incest taboo. It's consenting adults or maybe kids playing. It doesnt hurt anyone like child molestation, which sadly surely does.

    I'd I had a sister..but alas.

    Just don't have kids together ! Adopt.

  • Consensual incest should be legalized with birth control. I used to have consensual s** with my sister and it hasn't done us any harm.

  • My step sis was 8 the first time I f***** her nothing better than a nice tight yung c***

  • Rubbish!

  • Let her see you naked. Pretend u forgot to lock the bathroom door. Or walk in on her changing. Tell her how nice her ass looks and wished that your girlfriend had and ass like her. See how she reacts to any of these. Let her catch u watching p*** and ask her if she would like to watch. Let her see u get a h****** watching p***.

  • What you need to do is to start giving her compliments whenever you two are alone. Like how nice she looks today and if you weren't her brother you would make a pass at her. An other suggestion is to take her for rides so you can be alone with her and give her more compliments. Take her to a seclude park or lake and walk hand ind hand giving her hand small affectionate squeezes. Take her to a movie out of town and put your arm around her, she will nestle into you I bet. This is when you can take things a little further and before you exit the car give her a goodnight kiss for giving you a great date. Soon you will be ramming your rod into her.

  • This post is good advice, I did the same sort of thing with my sister and it works. We've been together for 5 years now.

  • How old are you and your sister?

  • You need to start taking your sister out on dates. Be affectionate and let her know you're interested.

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