Best hotel experience

I travel a lot, and with a panty fetish, I am always trying to s***** panties. Just one time, I saw a maid cleaning a room next to mine, and she left the door open. I saw the open suitcase right in the shoe closet like 1 meter from the door. As soon as the maid started cleaning the bathroom, I dashed in, reached inside the zip up pocket where I was eyeing the panties inside. I took a handful and also a bra I saw on the hook. I quickly exited back to my room. I had taken 4 pairs of dirty panties, and a black lace bra. I jerked off with them. Then looking through the peephole I saw a women enter. She wasnt hot or ugly, but I was still aroused by her p**** scent. So I kept her intimates.

I wanted to do this ever since, but after 3 more years, I was still unsuccessful. That was until I started asking for my neighbours connecting door keys. I would ask the front desk and say my brother slept next door, but they all required for the other person to come down, call, confirm. But one time, at a cheaper hotel, the just handed me the key! I knocked and no answer so I opened it up, no one inside... I was a little p*****. But not long before I had to leave, people checked in beside. Partly because I heard the s** noises at night. Already h**** from the night before, I waited till the young couple left, and I entered. Right away, I put all of the girls panties and bras inside. I started rummaging around. I saw a used condom inside the trash, I picked it up and emptied the c** on the table, before I added my own c** into the puddle, hoping that they would clean it up thinking it was the mans.

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