Sleep Over (:

I was sleeping over at my friend Jordan's house. When we went to go to bed, i slept in my bra and panties, like i always do. He slept in shorts, no big deal about that. When i was trying to fall asleep, i could feel his hand move on my thigh, i didn't care and kept trying to fall asleep. Then he moved in right on my p**** and i got h**** right then and there. He started rubbing for a few minutes as i got more h****. He finally put my hand under my panties and put his 2 fingers right in my p****, and fingered me. It felt really good, nothing ever felt better than that. He fingered me and played with my c*******, as i moaned in a pillow. i'll never forget that night. I am only 13, and enjoy s**, i dont care. (:

Oct 8, 2010

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  • Fake alert!!

  • This is so fake haha just look how it's written.

    Obv old man.

  • nah not an old man just a bored teen boy.

  • Dude. I know exactly how you feel, I am thirteen also btw lol so dont feel bad.

  • What's the point of confessing when you don't care for your sin? lol.

  • This cute is not just for religious reasons you donkey

  • That just turned me on.


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